CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns

Same Day Dental Crowns

Cracked or broken tooth?

Get a dental crown in one visit.

At Herman Family Dentistry, when you need a crown, there’s no need for multiple visits and weeks of waiting. You may be a candidate for a CEREC crown. CEREC crowns are ceramic restorations crafted and placed in just one visit. To create single-visit crowns, we use cutting-edge CEREC technology, which includes 3D camera photographs, CAD design, and computer-aided manufacturing fabrication. The custom crown is created right in our office using computer-aided design technology. With CEREC crowns there is no need for multiple office visits, goopy impressions, or temporary crowns, and less time is required from your busy schedule.

While CEREC technology can be an amazing solution for many patients, there are still times where lab-crafted crowns are an ideal restoration. This is especially true when a front tooth needs to be restored. A crown designed by Herman Family Dentistry and created with the help of a reputable lab gives the best esthetic result. Lab-crafted crowns may take two appointments (one for design and impressions, and another for placement), but they provide the most natural looking results for highly-visible teeth.

We will examine your case and help you determine the type of crown best suited for your needs. Porcelain dental crowns, whether CEREC or lab-crafted, provide a beautiful restoration and long-lasting protection.

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