Tooth Extractions

We offer simple and surgical extractions of single teeth, full mouth extractions, and removal of wisdom teeth. We strive to preserve natural teeth, but there are some cases when tooth extraction is the best solution to maintain overall oral health. 

The wisdom teeth, or third set of molars, start coming in around age 17-25. The arrival of these teeth can frequently cause problems including crowding, bite problems, and even bacterial infections. The extraction of one or more third molars is a relatively common procedure.

Full-mouth extraction is sometimes necessary for patients with severe tooth decay, periodontal disease, infections or abscesses, or fractured teeth. Many times, the patient experiences acute or chronic pain that can only be relieved with full-mouth extraction. Once it has been decided that full-mouth extraction is necessary, we’ll create a plan for restoring your smile following the procedure. Removable or implant dentures frequently provide the ideal solution for patients needing full-mouth extractions.

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